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Attorney Raphael understands the nuances of business law. Services range from business planning, recommending the best business structure, contracts and much more. 


The American Dream is one of a kind. However, the immigration system can be challenging. Attorney Raphael works tirelessly to help you achieve your immigration goals.


Estate Planning is essential to protect your wishes and wealth. Attorney Raphael will take the time to understand your situation and create a plan to accomplish your goals. 

About The Practice

James Raphael Law, LLC specializes in Business Law, Estate Planning, and Immigration Law.

It is crucial to build a rock-solid foundation for your business. This encompasses setting up the most appropriate type of entity that meets your specific business needs. In order to put your company in order and safeguard your keys to success, you'll need a substantial list of agreements, contracts, licences, and other important paperwork. Legal representation can help you achieve success by giving you structure and solutions; thereby saving you time, headaches and money.

Effective Estate Planning requires expertise in the field and carefully listening to your clients. Attorney Raphael is committed to achieving his clients' Estate Planning goals with skill and thoroughness. A comprehensive and tactfully designed Estate Plan will allow you to decide how you want your estate handled. This provides clients with a sense of comfort, security and peace of mind.

Attorney Raphael also provides expert legal counsel based on vast legal knowledge and personal experience in Immigration Law. Whether your situation relates to Business Immigration, Citizenship Advocacy or Family Based Immigration, he will provide you with answers, solutions and simplify an otherwise complicated area of the law. 

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